In Your Face, Mother Nature

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature


Mother Nature tried her damnedest to get me today.  About a week ago, she dumped a thunderstorm, complete with hail, on me.  Apparently, she planned to do it again today.  But this time, I outsmarted her.

I typically run in the evenings after work (I go into the office too early to get in a morning run).  I dreaded the prospect of tonight’s run – a jaunt through high humidity and 95+ degree temperatures.  But one has to do these things when training for a marathon.

As I left work and stepped outside, the wind was already swirling around.  Ominous clouds, eerily reminiscent of last week’s, rolled in.  When this happened a week ago, I decided to roll the dice and run anyway. Mother Nature made me pay for that decision by pelting me with hailstones.

I’ve grown much wiser in a week.  Tonight, I turned around, got back in my car, and drove to the nearest Y.  I set the treadmill on a nice, comfortable 6.5 MPH pace and I crusied through 5 miles in a cool, pleasant, and dry workout room.  Meanwhile, Mother Nature, clearly furious, unleashed another vicious storm on the University Area.  Dry except for a little perspiration, I laughed at her pathetic little temper tantrum.

What’s the saying from that 1970’s commercial?  Oh yeah, ‘It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.’ (Thanks again Google.) Hopefully, she’ll let bygones be bygones.  I sure would hate to see her attempt to seek revenge on November 14, the day of the Richmond Marathon.  Does anybody know what sacrifice you’re supposed to give to appease her?  That old Chiffon commercial leads me to believe it’s butter.  How do I offer it up?  Melt it in a pan and set it outside?  Throw a stick of it into the woods?  Someone please let me know before November.


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