Another Racing Detour

For fun, road races beat tempo runs every time

For fun, road races beat tempo runs every time





This morning, once again, I took a little detour from my mostly long, slow marathon training to get in a tempo run in the form of a road race.  I’ve found that the excitment of running a race beats the hell out of trying to run a fast tempo run by yourself.

It was touted as flat and fast, and the Yiasou Greek Festival 5k lived up to the billing.  Well, mostly anyway  – a stretch that climbed a few hundred meters shortly after mile 2 seemed a little contradictory to all the flat hype.

I ran relatively well today, eclipsing my year’s best 5k time by some 33 seconds (all the times in this post reference chip time).  I also held my own against most of my running buddies, aka ‘rivals’, although the perennial nice guy and ever-self-deprecating Dean beat me for the 2nd  straight time in our 2 head-to-head summer 5K’s.

Earlier in the week, Dean and I had formulated a game plan for this fast course – run the first mile in around 6:25 and hang on at that pace for as long as possible.  If we could maintain that pace along the entire course, we’d break 20:00.  But even if we couldn’t quite
keep up 6:25’s, I felt we should be close enough so that I could reach my primary goal, breaking 21:00. 

We went out more-or-less according to plan, navigating our way through the huge crowd and somehow still managing to be within
5 seconds of goal pace at 6:30.  But I started fading a bit shortly thereafter and Dean forged ahead.  I ran my second mile in 6:41 while Dean slowly began to lengthen his lead (he was maybe 3 or 4 paces ahead at this point).

I continued to slow, running my third mile in 6:51 while Dean, seemingly effortlessly, pulled away down the nearly half-mile homestretch of East boulevard.  He finished in 20:35 to my 20:49.

My buddy Bill PR’d for what I believe is the 7th straight time.  Roughly a year ago, Bill began running to lose some weight and he’s been shedding pounds, and minutes, ever since.  Since I’m still a little faster than him (for now!), we make a ‘spread’ for every race – this week we decided on 3:30.  Bill finished in 24:33 – 3 minutes and 31 seconds behind me -missing beating the spread by only 1 second!

Finally, I managed to hold off my latest running friend and rival, Theoden (yes, that Theoden), but I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep him at bay.  After all, at 35 (to my 43), time is on his side.  And as I’ve struggled to keep up with him in the couple of times we’ve gone on training runs, I’m afraid my days of finishing ahead of him are numbered.  Running a 21:26, Theoden earned his 2nd PR out of his last three 5K’s.

Every member of Team 2517 (the tongue-in-cheek name for our family’s unofficial 4-member, 3-generation team), all ran, at a minimum, their best 5k of the year, the only exception coming from our youngest member, the 20-year-old Bradley, who’s fallen a little lax on his training of late.

Team 2517 Results:

Place  Div/Tot   Gen/Tot   Name       Ag    Chiptim  Guntime   Pace 
==== ======  ======  ====== ===  =====   ======  ====
123   19/104   111/674  Allen Strickland  43   20:49 21:02      6:46
717   24/29     506/674 Bradley Brown    20  28:43  29:27      9:29
751   45/113   221/589 Laura Sudduth    39  29:11   29:55    9:38
1036   8/9     621/674  Ken Simpson      69  33:52   34:21    11:04


2 Responses to “Another Racing Detour”

  1. aaron Says:

    Nice on the 5k recap. Sorry I did not get to chat with you at McAlphine. Nice older gentleman cornered me and was very chatty. He was pretty good way back in the day so I did enjoy his stories. Happy Running!

  2. Cool Down Runner Says:

    Great Job, and just because you are 43 doesn’t mean that you need to slow down. Because you are older you have the wisdom and the experience to out last your rivals.

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