2009 The Year In Review

2009 - a great year for running

2009 has been a tremendous running year for me.

I set PR’s in the 10K (43:36), the 15k (1:07:46), the half marathon (1:35), and the marathon (3:34). I ran numerous 5K’s, an 8K, a couple of 10k’s, a 15K, a 30k, 4 half marathons, and 2 marathons.

I ran east and west of the Mississippi. I ran north and south of the Mason Dixon line. I ran along the Atlantic ocean, up and down the Blue Ridge mountains, over the James river, and when I sprained my quad and couldn’t take the impact of running on land, I ran in Lake Norman. I raced in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

I played chicken with a deer on a trail, I hurdled a poisonous snake, and I ducked under a red hawk as it swooped down and snagged its prey, a very unlucky squirrel. I ran by a spider the size of my hand, moths bigger than that spider, and a snapping turtle the size of a truck hubcap.

I ran in rain, hail, snow, and sleet.

I reunited and ran with great old running friends (Todd and Dean), and I met and ran with great new ones (Christi, Theoden, and Aaron just to name a few).

I ran with the Charlotte Running Club, the Davidson Area Running Team, the University City Roadrunners, and for the Providence Harriers (our Blue Ridge Relay open team which finished third).

I read about running. I wrote about running.

I won my first age group awards in years.

But while 2009 was probably my best running year since 1985, there was one thing I didn’t do – I didn’t qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

I’m saving that one for 2010.


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