The Road to Antiquity…

I stumbled upon this oxymoron today.

…is apparently highway 115 in Cornelius.  Unless you’re coming from downtown Davidson, then it’s South Street.

One of the reasons I rarely plan my long run route in advance is because by not doing so, the run becomes a little adventure. Because when you focus on an adventure, you forget to focus on the pain.

With only 4 weeks until the Shamrock Marathon, I ran into a tiny training dilemma this week.  The Winter Flight 8K in Salisbury was rescheduled (thanks to that vindictive wench Mother Nature who has wreaked absolute havoc on my training this winter) from Saturday, February 6, until this Sunday, the 21st.  My training schedule had me running a tempo run today (Friday) and a long run on Sunday.  After fretting all week about how to get both runs in when I’d be running an 8K race on Sunday, the simple solution finally hit me last night – run the long run today and use Sunday’s race as the tempo.  D’uh.  Nobody ever said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Quickly, I set out to find someone to run with – running the long runs alone can get pretty tedious.  I dropped an email to Chad, chairman of the Davidson Area Running Team, who responded and kindly agreed to accompany me for part of the run.

Chad and I met on the campus of Davidson and hit the cross-country trails.  We talked about Chad’s recent 100K run, the Iron Horse, last Saturday.  Not only was I amazed that Chad had run a 62-mile race, I was equally impressed that he was able to run with me less than a week later.  With Chad keeping me company, the first 7 miles felt effortless while we chatted. 

But Chad had to head out so I was on my own for the remaining 13 miles.  I left campus and started on my mini-adventure.

I thought I might follow the the Davidson half marathon course that I had run (and believe me, I use the word ‘run’ loosely) back in September.  I headed down South Street before turning left onto the Davidson greenway.  Shortly thereafter, I found myself on neighborhood roads.  I ran maybe another mile before getting bored and deciding to backtrack.

When I reached South Street again, I hung a left instead of heading back the way I had come.  I had never been down this far on South Street and decided to explore the uncharted territory.  After running only a quarter mile uphill or so, I crested the hill and noticed an odd sight for these parts, a covered bridge, something straight out of that movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.  But I was still in Mecklenburg, not Madison, county.

It was a strange sensation to run across a covered wooden bridge, especially considering that this particular covered bridge was brand-spanking new.  And yet the oxymoronic sign on it read ‘Antiquity’.  This is the sort of surreal moment one encounters by not planning out a course.  I half expected to run into Rod Serling on the other side of the bridge.

Antiquity is a quaint little neighborhood in Davidson and/or Cornelius with the look and feel of a bygone era.  I felt like I had been transported back in time.  I ran a mile or so loop through Antiquity before heading back to the twenty-first century and the Davidson cross-country trails.

I was at mile 15 by the time I stepped foot again on the forgiving, crushed gravel trails.   A couple quick loops later, and I reached my goal of 20 miles.

It was nice to run in the 1930’s.  It was a simpler time.


One Response to “The Road to Antiquity…”

  1. Adam Mayes Says:

    The Antiquity Bridge is very unique. I believe it is the only one in Mecklenburg County if I am not mistaken. The bridge literally connects Cornelius and Davidson. I enjoy running in Antiquity and do it pretty frequently. That area is nice because there are fewer cars passing by which leaves room to stay on the roads. Good job on finishing up that 20 miler.

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