Trying to Catch Fast

One of these things is not like the others

If you want to learn how to play music, you hang out with musicians.  If you want to learn how to cook, you hang out with chefs.  If you want to learn how to run, you hang out with these guys.  Aaron JordanNathan.  If you consider yourself a serious marathoner in Charlotte, you’re probably familiar with these names, no last names needed to know who I’m talking about.  (All 2 syllable names, ending with an ‘un’ sound.  Wouldn’t ‘Allen’ fit nicely in this list?  Only 1 problem – I finish at least 45 minutes behind them.  On my best day.  On their worst day.)

But there’s something these guys have in common other than being preternaturally fast – they know running and they’re willing to share their knowledge with others.  I regularly interact with them, hoping somehow interaction will cause fast to rub off.  Unfortunately, it turns out that fast isn’t contagious.  Just talking, emailing, reading their workouts, won’t make me any faster.

But knowledge helps.  Picking up tidbits of knowledge from the area’s best and mixing this in with a boatload of hard work produces results.  Before I ever heard of Aaron, Jordan, or Nathan, my marathon PR was 3:50.  Then I met Aaron;  I discovered Jordan’s blog;  some of my running buddies introduced me to Nathan. 

I talked with them.  We exchanged emails.  I picked up little gems of running knowledge from each and I’ve applied the things I’ve learned.  Today, my best marathon time is 3:26 and maybe, hopefully, dropping.

I’ll keep asking questions.  I’ll keep incorporating their answers into my workouts and races.  And, with a little self-made luck, I’ll keep getting faster.  Maybe even 6 minutes faster.


5 Responses to “Trying to Catch Fast”

  1. jordan kinley Says:

    You must be talking about the guy running in Redskins apparel. This is running, not football.

    Good stuff.

  2. Théoden Janes Says:

    What about “Théoden”? Another “un” sound. Oh wait — except I’m not fast.

    • Allen Strickland Says:

      You looked pretty damn fast at Corporate Cup when I spent 5 miles chasing you. To no avail, I might add. Fast is relative.

  3. Richard Hefner Says:

    No wonder I’m not getting any faster lately… been hangin’ around with ukulele players!

  4. Aaron Says:

    Gosh flattered to be in a blog but much better folks in town. Spada and shires are the godfathers who have awesome knowledge. Rippin on my skins Jordan? Justified since they continue to blow. I still love them.

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