Into the Wild: An Older, Wiser Alexander Supertramp

I hope to stay in better accomodations in Alaska.

Well gang, I’m off to Alaska.  And I hope to fare better than Chris McCandless, aka  Alexander Supertramp  .   SPOILER ALERT: He was a brash, dare I say arrogant, kid that hitchhiked his way across the country before ultimately underestimating his survival skills and dying in the frozen tundra. I’ll fly across the country and stay in a much (I hope) safer habitat – a cruise ship. 

We fly into Seattle tomorrow morning.  Sunday afternoon, we’ll board the cruise ship which will take us to Alaska.  I recently set a goal of running a road race in every state in the U.S.  so Laura and I signed up to race in the Swedish SummeRun in Seattle on Sunday morning.  We’ll knock out Washington and Alaska both on this trip.

I’m a little concerned that the SummeRun 10K might be pretty hilly as a quick perusal of last year’s results revealed some rather slow times.  It’s either really hilly or people in Seattle are really slow. 

Just wanted to drop a quick update before hitting the road.  The next post should be pretty interesting!

AFTERWORD: Laura just did a gmap pedometer on the Seattle 10k course.  Yep, nasty hilly.  Don’t expect a fast time from me.


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