5 Weeks Out…

One of my evening runs went down just like this.

Wow.  I didn’t realize how close I was to race day until I glanced at the calendar as I started to write this.  I mean it should be obvious to me since I knew last week that I was 6 weeks out, but, seeing as how I’m about one savant shy of being an idiot savant,  5 weeks out somehow still managed to sneak up on me.

No broad theme today – I thought I’d just relay a few interesting stories that occurred recently.  And as it’s an incredibly beautiful day, I snatched up the laptop, threw it in the backpack, and headed over to Moe’s for some tacos and some blog posting.  I’m piggybacking off of the nearby Starbucks’ wireless network.  Is that wrong?  Apparently it is as karmic justice keeps striking in the form of a lost connection.  Maybe I’ll go buy a coffee in hopes of appeasing the internet gods.

Where to start?  The week began with my personal and career lives basically in complete disarray.  I walked around on edge – angry, frustrated, etc.  When my boss asked me in a big meeting why I hadn’t completed an assignment, I mouthed off, ‘Because I was busy doing the hundred other things you asked me to do.’  Surprisingly, that didn’t go over particularly well.

Thank god for running.  With the days cooling off, my workouts have become the highlight of each day.  On the day of my altercation with management, I hit the roads after work.  I was running down a hill when a dark blue Volkswagon Jetta headed straight for me.  Since I was in the University area, in Théoden’s neck of the woods, and since he drives just such a Jetta, I thought it must be him messing with me.  I smiled and waved, right up until the second I was forced to leap onto the curb to avoid becoming roadkill.  Apparently, there are a host of assassins, posing as commuters, driving around Charlotte and trying to take out Charlotte Running Club members.  Read what happened to Caitlin and Bill recently – they fared worse than I did.  But they also handled their incidents much better than I did.

I flipped out – this turned into a full-fledged road rage moment.  I screamed every curse word I could think of.  I even invented new ones.  I furiously waved, New York city style, at the driver as I turned around and chased him and ran faster than I have at any point all year.  (Maybe I should pay this guy to nearly run me over in every race.)  He slammed on brakes and started backing up.  I continued shouting not-so-friendly things as I sprinted towards him like the liquid metal cop in Terminator 2.  Luckily, he drove away (but not before returning a New York wave of his own, the little prick).

I regret not wearing my heart rate monitor.  I’m sure I pegged 200 bpm, what with all the anger and sprinting.  I feel a little bad – some poor dummy, while driving,  falls asleep, or texts, or stares lovingly into his Whopper, and then innocently drifts into a curb and for that he is forced to experience all my pent-up rage?  Not exactly directly-proportionate karma.  I guess it could have been worse – what if Bruce Banner had been out jogging?

With the exception of the road-rage-run, the rest of the week’s runs went remarkably well.  Dean, Todd and I had a great speed workout early in the week.  We even got to see Leonard, Brian Sammons, and Théoden, and then the entire UNCC cross-country team on the trail.  Dean and I basically alternated taking out each repeat.  Dean is running extremely well lately – I will continue to try to convince him to run the Towpath marathon.

I ran ‘junk miles’ the rest of the week, but as the temperatures continue to drop, so do my times, with my average pace this week hovering in the low 8:00’s, as opposed to 8:40’s to 9:00’s during the recent heatwave.  I ran 15+ miles on Saturday with the UCRR crew, and I felt quite comfortable, comfortable enough that I was able to come back this morning (a day later) to cruise at sub-8:20 with TJ for nearly 10 miles (with Nathan accompanying us for the first mile and a half or so).

So as the rest of my life seems to be crumbling around me, I don’t seem to mind that much.  I can take it as long as the running goes well.  Give me a BQ and I won’t care if I get fired, get foreclosed on, and live homeless in the streets.  Besides, if that happens, I think I could probably talk Tim Rhodes or Chris Elkins into hiring me.  At least part-time.

2 Responses to “5 Weeks Out…”

  1. Ellen Kaiser Says:

    New York city style?? LOL, As a native New Yorker I should take offense to that, but you’re right, we are famous for our incidents of road rage and single finger salutes! Hope things improve as your running continues to go well, hang in there! 😉

  2. Aaron Says:

    Dang! Ya what is going on with drivers! Glad u ok

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