The Time Is Now. Well, Sunday Actually.


I imagine Towpath looks a lot like McAlpine, except this guy will not tuck his singlet into his fuel belt at Towpath.

This is it.  I finished my last training run this morning.  After 5 months of training, only 48 hours and a roughly 7.5 hour drive stand between me and the Towpath Marathon.  I can’t believe it’s here.

I’m excited and (mostly) confident.  I’ve trained as well, or better, than I have for any marathon I’ve ever run.  I feel as fit as I’ve ever felt for a marathon.  Unlike my other marathon training camps, I’ve had no recent significant setbacks (knock on wood!)  Coach Hadley has provided me with a sound strategy.  I’d be wise to listen to him – one of his other athletes, Caitlin Chrisman, just met the B qualifying standard for the U.S. Olympic trials. 

And as much as my evil nemesis Mother Nature tries to derail my efforts, the weather forecast looks good (although every time I check, the temperature gets a little higher).  As long as the forecast doesn’t get much warmer, weather shouldn’t be a factor.

It feels like all the stars have finally aligned in my favor.  Tomorrow, I drive to Ohio.  Sunday, we race.  Let’s do this.  See you at the finish line, hopefully in less than 3 hours and 21 minutes after the start.  Somebody save me a beer.


One Response to “The Time Is Now. Well, Sunday Actually.”

  1. Shannon Johnstone Says:

    Allen, I am looking forward hearing about the race—in detail, I hope!! Congratulations, and I hope you are enjoying that beer right about now.
    I have a quick question for you about the Blue Ridge Relay. We also ran it, and we came across a team from Charlotte who had rescued a little tiny dog who had an overbite and was super cute. I didn’t know if you were on that team, and if so, if you knew what happened with the dog. We were so tempted to take him, but we already have 4…
    ANYWAY, CONGRATULATIONS once again. Looking forward to the post!

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