A Jogger, A Blogger, and a Whole Lot of Lager

Left, near mile 16 of Towpath. You can catch a glimpse of Ron Ross in the background. Right, the agony of defeat as I cross the finish line 74 seconds shy of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. (photos courtesy of Brightroom photography)

What a difference 7 days makes.  1 week ago at this time, I was at about mile 8 of the Towpath marathon, trudging along through the beautiful Cuyohoga Valley National Park in Peninsula, Ohio.  My personal life was in complete disarray.  Today, I’m comfy cozy, lounging on the couch and sipping coffee in Laura’s new pad,  ecstatic about being reunited.

Today’s blog headline was a team name for our Shamrock marathon team that I thought of too late to use.  But as I’m going to post a bunch of random thoughts and stories, I thought it might somehow be apropos (and I like it too much to not find a use for it somewhere).

Post Post-Race

I wanted to share a few tidbits from my marathon adventure that didn’t make it into the last post.

Here they are:

It turns out that the guy who drafted off me for 8+ miles, the guy I called ‘Ron or Ross’, is Ronald Ross of Medina, Ohio.  He finished with a 3:24:33.

After the race, once I recovered enough to actually start craving post-race beer, I eventually made my way to the hotel bar.  I approached the slovenly, obese, rude, obnoxious bar matron – think of a 70-year-old Roseanne Barr that had really let herself go –  and asked her what was on tap.  For some reason yet to be determined, she clearly wanted to avoid pouring draft beer, but I was really craving it.  A stand-off ensued.

“I don’t have much on draft”, she said, begrudgingly.

I pointed to a tap 6-inches in front of her.  “How about Shock Top?”, I asked. 

“We’re out.  Just have a bottle!”  For future reference everybody, when the bartender emphatically says “Just have a bottle!” , just have a bottle.  But damn, I had just run my heart out for 26.2 miles and I was determined to have a draft beer.  “Yeah thanks, but I really want a draft.”  Her expression changed noticably from feigned politeness to sheer annoyance. 

“How ’bout Miller Lite?” I said as I pointed to another tap.  No answer – she simply stormed away, over to a tub that contained the dishes of a recently bussed table.  From this tub she retrieved a glass, not a beer glass but like an iced-tea glass, still full of ice and coke, and dumped it’s contents into the sink.  She then proceeded to ‘wash’ it and by wash it, I mean she thrust it into a sink filled with soapy water and dirty dishes, pulled it out and get this, in lieu of rinsing it, she wiped it off with a dirty dish rag.  I audibly said, “Are you f***ing kidding me?”  She angrily yanked on the Miller Lite tap and filled the soapy glass with a flat, warm, nearly-Miller-Lite-but-not-quite beverage and then shoved it in my direction.  I should have expected this – this entire exchange was typical of my experience with the workers of this hotel.  The worst part of this story?  I drank the beer.  But then, thank god for the Iphone, I used the AroundMe app and found a nearby sports bar.  This bar had cold  ‘real’ draft beer, fatty delicious bar food, a friendly waitress/bartender, and the Cowboys game on a big screen high-def TV (my hotel bar had been showing the local news where Cleveland was up-in-arms about Jake Delhomme.  Could have told you this was coming, Cleveland)  Ah, life was good again.


Yesterday, I jumped into the LungStrong 15K a mere 6 days after my marathon.  I did this for 2 reasons – 1) I wanted to see how well I could finish in the Run For Your Life Grand Prix and 2) All of my running buddies would be there – opportunity for lots of pre and post-race fun.

My legs were beat to hell, I barely managed a 7:30 pace, I was a solid 2+ minutes slower than last year, but I had a blast.  Dean and I ran together for the first 6 miles or so.  We chatted with the Fryes, Lisa and Patrick, a very fast Lake Norman area couple, both Boston qualifiers and finishers, and other Charlotte running community mainstays, including Diane Allen, Brenny Thompson, etc. etc.  Chris Lamperski leisurely trotted by, sub-7:00/pace per mile, and snapped a few photos.  It was sick to me how he could so casually run sub-7:00 pace, backwards.

Afterwards, quite a few Charlotte Running Club members met at Red Rocks in Birkdale – great fun was had by all.

CRC Costume Party

And, once again, since there’s not much going on between races, I’m throwing in a social update! 

Emily, the Charlotte Running Club’s social director, threw a costume party last night.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • I vote for Brian McMahon for best costume.  He was a Teletubby.  For future reference, for any costume party, you can never go wrong as a Teletubby (Brian was the green one).   Honorable mentions:  Jay Holder dressed as Billy Shue.  Billy Shue dressed as Jay Holder.  And a guy I didn’t know had a nice Justin Bieber costume on, although this guy was about twice as tall as Bieber.
  • I went as Jon from Delocated.  Nobody had any idea who I was but I made myself laugh.

I kept a little timeline of the ‘firsts’ of the night.  They are as follows:

  • First beer spilled: 9:17.
  • First time someone flipped someone else off: 9:42.
  • First person threatens to jump from the loft: 10:06.
  • First person thrown into the hot tub by a Teletubby: 10:51
  • First gangster wipes out: 11:04.

And that pretty much sums up my week after the Towpath marathon.  I think I’ll have another light week of training before I start amping it back up again.  Stay tuned.


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