A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Bart Yasso signed my copy of this book with "Never limit where running can take you. See you in Boston!"

Holed up indoors the day after my first white Christmas ever (meterologically speaking of course – ethnically speaking, unfortunately, I’ve had nothing but), watching the snow continuing to fall, now seems like a good time to knock out that ‘year in review/year ahead’ post. 

2010: The Year In Review

If you ever get Bart Yasso to autograph a copy of his book My Life On the Run, he will undoubtedly sign it, “Never limit where running can take you”.  I took him to heart this year.

In 2010, I ran within a stone’s throw of both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.  I ran beside Town Lake in Austin and the New River in North Carolina.  And let’s not forget I also raced beside Lake Norman, the body of water I’m watching snow fall into at this very second.

I knocked out another 3 states (Ohio, Washington, and Alaska) in my quest to race in all 50, and even managed to race in a foreign country (if Canada counts as a foreign country).

So yes, double entendre intended, I covered a lot of ground.

Meteoroligically, I basically encountered it all.  From temperatures in the teens to those over 100, I shivered while running in the cold and I nearly passed out while running in the heat.  I ran in every form of precipitation known to man (heck, just yesterday, I covered everything except hail during my Christmas-day jaunt).

While much of the rest of my life went in and out of disarray this year, 2010 was arguably my best running year ever.  Although I didn’t win a race, I managed second place finishes on several occasions.  And I finally crested that Mt. Everest peak of my running goals by qualifying for Boston.

It was a good year for running.

2011: A Look Ahead

What do you do once you’ve achieved your goals?  Why make new ones of course.  I’ve outlined a few goals for next year and I’m sharing them with you, as always, to help hold myself accountable.

1) Break 40:00 in a 10K. (I came oh so close to achieving this in 2010 when I ran a 40:13 at the United Way 10K in Concord).  I’ll get my first shot at this one on January 22 when the Charlotte Running Club board takes a retreat to Asheville and competes in the Hot Chocolate 10K.  I’ve heard a sub-40 would get me a top corral start at Cooper River, although I can’t seem to find this documented anywhere. 

2) Break 1:30 in the half marathon. (Again, I nearly did this in 2010 when I ran a 1:30:42 in the Richmond half).  A sub-1:30 for a man my age automatically qualifies one for the New York marathon.  And since I qualified for Boston too late to run it this year, I might as well shoot to qualify and run the other biggie, New York.  My buddies Leonard and Kevin have already qualified and it would be really cool if we could all go up and run this one together.

3) Run new races.  In addition to hoping to run some of the country’s most popular races this year (Cooper River, New York, etc.), I hope I get to jump in some other cool races I’ve been wanting to run and just haven’t had the opportunity yet, like the TarHeel 10-miler which would provide me a chance to run around the ol’ stomping ground.

4) Get registered for Boston.  It took me years to finally meet the Boston qualifying time.  Now I have to make sure that I get over the other hurdle to actually running the race, online registration.  So many qualifiers were unable to get in this year because registration filled up remarkably sooner than anyone expected.  When I find out next year’s registration day, I will sign up for a vacation day from work.  Then when registration day actually arrives, I will be sitting online waiting for online registration to open and I will type quickly when it does.  I might just be the first person registered.  I will sit there all day if I have to until I officially get registered.  And if by some fluke I don’t get in, there just might be petitions, lawyers, and the media involved.

So get ready for another year of running hijinks.  This blog will stay alive (assuming I do too) through at least April of 2012.  Enjoy.  And don’t be a stranger – say hello at the races!


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