Just Your Typical Week – How I Set A World Record (and other stuff)…

The 1 of my 1.5 fans.

I must apologize to my 1.5 fans (Jordan worships me and I hear there’s a “little person” in Gastonia who is a big fan) for the delayed post but it’s been a busy week.  I will now whip out my quickest post of all time (and I confess that I’ve had a couple of drinks so I am not to be held accountable for the many misspellings and other errors).  Let’s just review the last few days, shall we?

The Weekend

Saturday was a day much like any other.  I set another world record, as usual.  Okay, so it was my first and I had a little help from 100 of Charlotte’s fastest runners.  To quickly recap, I ran a crappy leg in the Charlotte Running Club‘s attempt to break the 100 x 5K relay world record.  My prediction was 18:55 and I ran 19:44, despite a perfect baton pass from Jocelyn Sikora.  Ouch baby, very ouch.

Jocelyn performs the perfect exchange to the old, slow guy.

Old man slogs around the track.

Several of my friends tried to console me with such platitudes as “the weather was horrible” (and in their defense, it was), but that didn’t stop many of them from kicking ass.  For example,  Todd Capitano, only a week after a huge PR in his marathon, ran a smoking 19:11.  Aaron went 15:52.  Andrew Swistak dropped an 18:48 in the middle of the night.  Sarah missed a $100 bonus from her boss by a measly 9 seconds (he promised to give her the money if she broke 20:00).

But hey, I was still part of the team that crushed the existing record by some 6 hours so forgive me if I don’t shed a lot of tears over my sorry run.  How can I put this humbly?  In your face Florida Striders!  Suck it – we own you!  (If anyone from their club somehow actually stumbles upon this blog, please realize this is all tongue in cheek – read any of my prior posts and you’ll soon know that I’m just a big joking goofball and I mean no actual disrespect.  You guys set the bar – kudos!)

On Sunday, I started out on a long run with Caitlin, Kahn, and some guys I just met.  Caitlin, referring to our world record, made the comment, “It’ll be great for the next time you play that game where you tell 2 truths and a lie”.  Which got me thinking that would be cool to do on the blog.  So here it is – pick the truths from the lies and post your comments:

  • I survived an earthquake.
  • I survived a hurricane.
  • I wrote some documentaries for the A&E channel.
  • I set a world record.
  • I had a huge internet fight with Ben Affleck.
  • A starting NFL quarterback and I had to be separated before coming to blows.
  • I acted in a movie with Kevin Costner.
  • I’ve run with at least 4 Olympic marathon trials qualifiers.
  • I had an affair with Angelina Jolie.

Back to the standard blog!  Here’s the rest of the week, post world record, in review:


I met Leonard at Red Robin on Technology Drive and then we shot down and ran the University Trails.  We had a nice, pleasant 7+ mile run.  Afterward, we dropped into Tony’s Pizza and had some of, if not the best pizza in Charlotte.  Delicious!


I met Nathan on the University trails and he said, “I don’t know if I can keep up with a world record holder”.  Very funny, coming from a low-2:40’s marathoner running with an old, 3:19 guy.  But here’s the highlight of the run – we ran past a couple of young (20-something?), pretty girls when one of them said, “Allen?”  I turned back and said, “Yeah?”  She then said, “Oh sorry, wrong Allen.  I thought you were my friend’s dad” which, of course, sent Nathan into a burst of  laughter.  She tried to recover with “But he’s young looking!” and pointed at her friend and said “She has the hots for him!” but the damage was already done.


I met Todd at his church after work.  Todd is the race director for the On A Mission 5K where he and his church raise funds for a missionary trip to Navajo country.

Todd is trying to fine tune the course so we ran a couple of 5K options in the neighborhood behind the church.  I’m curious to see which course Todd ultimately goes with.  1 option is flatter and faster, but has a lot of turns.  The other has a very hilly, tougher, first half, but is one big loop and a better course for the directionally challenged like me.


Which brings us to today.  5 miles of torture on the treadmill.  Which led to beer.  Which led to now.  Tomorrow, I head out to Charleston to run the Cooper River Bridge Run.  I procrastinated until I missed online registration and now my only option is to purchase a charity bib at the expo.  So I’m being all benevolent and helping others.  Yeah, I meant to do that.

I can’t wait for the race (assuming I get in).  It’s one of America’s biggest.  Should be interesting!

5 Responses to “Just Your Typical Week – How I Set A World Record (and other stuff)…”

  1. stack Says:

    thanks for the shout out! 🙂 if it helps at all… my initial predicted time was around 19:55 and I ended up running 18:48 so you and I flip flopped… its a wash (no pun intended on the weather). That’s what friends are for eh?

  2. caleb Says:

    great blog as usual. “suck it we own you!” haha nicely played.

  3. mike Says:

    I agree with caleb.. like a scene from jerry mcguire.. you had me at suck it! As for the other thing above. I say no to kevin costner. Yes to ben aflack on some video poker. No angelina jolie. Yes to a tight end but no to a quarterback. Yes to earthquake yes to a tornado yes to a hurricane. A and e is a coin toss. Good stuff allen

    • Allen Strickland Says:

      All true except for Angelina Jolie. Why was everyone so quick to point that one out as false?! It could have happened!! =)

  4. Cliff Says:

    It was great to meet you in Charleston. Lissi and I had a great time.

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