Going with the Flow

Well gang, it’s finally happened.  With only a week to go until the Boston marathon, this hugely popular blog with it’s literally tens of readers has finally started to become lucrative for yours truly.  Recently, deals have come rolling in from the likes of Karhu and Why Marathon, supplying some half of my Boston marathon outfit for free.  I can only surmise that these deals have everything to do with my brilliant writing, stunning good looks, smoking fast race times, and unparalleled humility, and nothing to do with the fact that I am buddies with 2 Karhu big wigs and the Why Marathon founder and have been bugging them for years to give me free stuff.  Now if I can just get Dan Matena to pony up some Balega socks and Aaron Linz to throw in a Charlotte Running Club hat, I’ll be clad from head to toe by sponsors.  I feel like a NASCAR driver.

When I signed on to become a Karhu shoe reviewer,  I got an email with a few stipulations that I agreed to (ostensibly, agreeing to review the shoes on this blog).  I asked my Karhu knowledgeable pals, Meagan the Karhu exec, and Nathan, their number one purchaser, about which shoes to get (aside – Nathan was not nearly as excited about my Karhu deal as I was.  “I’ve spent at least a thousand dollars on their shoes.  Where’s the love, Karhu?”)  I was in the market, like I always am just before a marathon, for a light weight neutral shoe with a modicum of support, the Goldilocks marathon shoe if you will – something more substantial than a flat, yet lighter than a trainer.

I already own 2 pairs of Karhu Racers, and love them – perhaps my favorite flat of all time.  They’re flat out (get it?) awesome for distances through 10K.  But for a heavy footfaller like me, I need just a little more shoe for a marathon.

I mentioned this all to Meagan and Nathan in 2 separate emails, seeking suggestions for the right shoe.  Both responded, independently, that the Karhu Flow was the way to go.  I trust their judgement – I ordered the shoes.

A pair of these arrived last Monday. I took them for their first test spin last Tuesday.

Tuesday after work, I met Todd and Ted for an easy little jaunt (after all, the taper had begun) on the trails.  It was the perfect run to test out the Flow.

I love the feel of the Flow.  A snug, yet comfortable toe box prevents your feet from sliding around in the shoe (a pet peeve I have about some other brands).  The feel mimics the Racer since they share the same uppers, but the patented fulcrum bottoms provide that smidgeon of extra support.  The selling point on the whole fulcrum forward technology is that they “convert your body’s natural energy into forward momentum”, helping make your stride more efficient and aiding in forward propulsion.

Karhu videos on running efficiently:

Arm movement, Pelvis and Upper Body Position, Glutes and Hamstrings, Knee and Quad Position, Foot Position, Ground Contact Landing and Push Off

Feel free to do all the analysis.  I will just say that the shoes felt good.  5 steps in and I was sold – now it was a matter of putting some miles on them to make sure I wasn’t missing something.  After 5+ miles with Todd and Ted, I hadn’t discovered anything negative.  I threw in another 12+ on Sunday with no shoe-related issues.  Looks like I’ve found my Boston marathon shoes.  I’ll put in some more miles this week just to play it safe, but barring something bizarre, I am very pleased with the shoes and looking forward to letting them carry me from Hopkington to Boston!

6 days!!!

If you want to test Karhus, apply HERE.
Karhu online store 10% off code: 10off (use it at karhu.com check out page)


One Response to “Going with the Flow”

  1. Paul Newnham Says:

    good luck Allen! Just remember that unlike NASCAR there are some right turns and hills involved.

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