Things Are Starting To Heat Up

Well gang, this is it.  I’m in Boston.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, weather prognosticators are calling for brutally, perhaps record, hot temperatures tomorrow.  I was freaking out last week when they were saying 80.  Since, I have seen forecasts as high as 88, like this one:


The Boston Athletic Association continues to email warnings.  They started out with wording like “stay properly hydrated” but now have turned to “only runners from Kenya or Ethiopia who train in 100+ temperatures regularly, and have marathon PR’s under 2:10  should even think about running this marathon.”  They’re offering deferment until next year.

Thanks, but no thanks BAA.  I paid all this money for flights, housing, transportation, etc.  I think I’ll go ahead and run this thing.  See you all at the finish line (well, at least the starting line).


3 Responses to “Things Are Starting To Heat Up”

  1. Milton Matheny Says:

    Go Allen Go!!! Have a blast !!!!

  2. Hammer Says:

    That’d a boy!! That is great weather to race in!!! Defer these, go and hammer this race broth a!!

  3. Allen Strickland Says:

    Thanks Milton! Not my best day, but I finished!

    Thanks Hammer! I needed you hanging out of a van and screaming at me!

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