Karhu Review Just For You

Dropping the ball on my unprecedented contract deal with Karhu, I decided I’d better put out another review before those guys sue me and take back all the riches they have bestowed upon me.

I don’t understand why Karhu didn’t just hire me as a model. Notice the perfect color coordination, sexy pose, and seductive gaze.

The problem is that I’m not a very detail-oriented guy.  If you were to ask me about a particular type of running shoe, I might respond with something like, “Those feel really good” or “Man, those shoes are crap”.  That’s about the extent of my typical shoe review.

So for this post, I am turning to the professionals to help me out.  The folks at Runner’s World do a much better job at reviewing shoes than I ever could.  At the link here, you will find detailed descriptions, specs, and a professionally done video, all about the Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride.  I’ve included some specs (from Runner’s World) here:

Weight: 9.1 oz.
Profile (Heel): 30.2 mm
Profile (Forefoot): 18.6 mm
Drop from heel to forefoot: 11.6 mm

And as a bonus, here’s my take after putting about 125 miles on these things.  I like to use them as lightweight, fast trainers – I find them great for longish tempos.  But I wouldn’t recommend them for trail running (at least not on very technical or heavy gravel trails) – they have thin soles, especially towards the front so that stepping on any significantly sized piece of gravel can be downright painful.  Or maybe my feet just suffer from what I like to call the Princess and the Pea syndrome.

And in an unscientific sampling of 4 runners (1 elite 2:24 marathoner, 1 nearly elite 2:40 marathoner, 1 solid 3:04 marathoner, and 1 almost-acceptable-for-an-old-guy 3:19 marathoner), I noticed an odd wear pattern in the same place for all 4 guys.  I know that 2 of us are supinators, meaning our feet strike on the outside, the opposite of pronators, so it’s possible that all 4 of us are, and hence the same wear pattern.  But the Flows do seem to wear out pretty quickly in one particular spot.  I brought this to the attention of a “high-ranking” Karhu exec who promised to talk to some engineers about this phenomenon:

Left shoe – notice the excessive wear on the outside of the heel.

But like anything else, “results may vary”.  I read one guy’s review that stated “Love them!! I’ve put over 600 miles on my pair”

Check them out and decide for yourself.  For Charlotteans, Charlotte Running Company and Inside Out Sports definitely carry Karhu, while Run For Your Life definitely doesn’t.  I’m pretty sure I saw some Karhu at the new TrySports SouthPark store – visit that place – it is amazing!  But if you don’t feel like driving, see Karhu here, Karhu online store 10% off code: 10off (use it at Karhu check out page).

More Karhu links:

Karhu Forward Running technique videos:


One Response to “Karhu Review Just For You”

  1. Mike Vance Says:

    Just as a point of reference, striking on the outside of your heel isn’t an indication of supination, it’s what your foot does toward toe-off position that determines under or over pronation. Over pronators often have wear on the outside of the heel, and then the medial side of the forefoot (assuming they aren’t in supportive shoes that fix the pronation).

    Either way, that’s definitely excess wear on the heel for not that many miles, hope they fix it.

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