The Great Virtual Race

Can you outrun me in cyberspace? Bring it!

I am issuing this challenge to any runner out there in cyberspace.  If you have the courage, I will race you tomorrow.  Anywhere, any time, any distance.  You choose.  Loser buys the winner a beer.

We will use The McMillan Running Calculator to set a baseline.  Take your last race and input it into the calculator.  Note what it predicts your race pace for whatever race distance you’re running tomorrow.  That’s your baseline time.

My friend Bill has already accepted the challenge.  Here’s how it works.  We both entered our last race times, which happened to be the Lungstrong 15K.  We’re both running a 10K tomorrow.  Based on my 15K time, McMillan predicts that I should run a 43:11 10K.  It predicts that Bill will run a 53:29.  So our spread is 10:18.  If I beat Bill by more than that, he owes me a beer, by less than that, or if he beats me, I owe him a beer.

We can do this with any distance.  Say you’re running a marathon.  McMillan says I should be able to run a 3:22:38 marathon.  Suppose it predicts you at 3:20:00.  Our spread becomes 2:38.  Tomorrow after our respective races, we’ll input our race times, my 10K and your marathon time.  If my McMillan marathon prediction beats your marathon by 2:39, you owe me a beer.

Make sense?  Who’s in?  I challenge the world!  Shalane Flannigan, do you want some?  Bring it!  Fam?  It is on like Genghis Khan!  Come one, come all!  This is serious, this is for beer!

One Response to “The Great Virtual Race”

  1. Martin Thorne Says:

    I am running the Ridge to Bridge Marathon tomorrow. I ran the Virginia Beach Marathon in the spring in 3:32.

    Good luck.


    Martin Thorne Director of Business Development 336-668-7661 ext. 143 Cell 336-501-7591

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