Triple C Brewing Company Beer Run Every Thursday at 6:30!

For those of you that don’t know this already, beer and running go together like milk and Oreos.  Now you can have the best of both when we meet at the Triple C Brewing Company every Thursday at 6:30PM, starting this Thursday, December 6, to run first and drink second.

Our Charlotte Running Club singlets garnered us some attention and helped us meet some Anniston Runners.

If these 2 sexy people show up wearing these singlets, they will pay the same price for beer as everybody else! 😉

Here’s how it works.  We’ll gather at Triple C on 2900 Griffith Street a little before 6:30.  Promptly at 6:30, after a few words from yours truly, we’ll run a block over to the light rail path and head out.  3, 4, and 5-mile courses will be marked but you can run as little or as much as you like – since it’s out and back, it’s easy to turn around any time you feel like it.  As soon as you finish your run, enjoy your favorite Triple C beers!  Personally, I prefer Golden Boy – that’s beer I’m talking about lest you’re confused –  but that’s just me.   And a food truck will be onsite too, in case you’re like me, always starving after a run.

A couple of quick safety tip reminders  – while the light rail path is well lit, we will cross over a couple of streets so make sure to wear some lights and/or reflective gear.  And the path is relatively narrow so please remember to only run 2-wide.  Watch out for cracks, curbs, pedestrians, and my personal favorite, the dog leash across the path.

So we’ll see you Thursday!  Don’t forget to wear your CRC gear!


Here’s where we’ll enjoy a frosty pint or two!


One Response to “Triple C Brewing Company Beer Run Every Thursday at 6:30!”

  1. Bill DeLoache Says:

    Laura and Allen, good luck this weekend. I will be thinking and praying that you both have a wonderful experience. May you enjoy clear skies, moderate temperatures. easy breezes, level roads and great times!

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