Breaking the Formula

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat around waiting for the start of the Thunder Road half marathon, my pal Scott was telling his friend Tracie about my blog.  “I feel like I know Allen’s blog well enough to write the next post.  ‘My goal was to run (GOAL TIME).  I got to the start and chatted with (INSERT FRIENDS’ NAMES HERE).  The race director fired the gun and I started out too fast.  (ANECDOTE.  ANECDOTE.  ANECDOTE.)  At the end, I sprinted it out with (OLD MAN | WOMAN | CHILD).  I (BEAT | WAS BEATEN BY) (OLD MAN | WOMAN | CHILD).  I (MET | DID NOT MEET) my goal time'”.  Spot on description, Scott.  Spot on.

Well let’s deviate today, shall we?  It’s especially easy to do this week since I didn’t run a race.  I’ll just give you a little update as to what has gone down this week along my road (back) to Boston.

The Charlotte Running Club(s)

One afternoon, as I finished my run, I staggered back into the office building and headed toward the locker room when some girl stopped me and asked, “Hey, did you join the running club?”

“The Charlotte Running Club?”


I chuckled.  “I’ve been in the club for a while now.  I used to be on the board.  I’ve written several articles for the newsletter.  You haven’t seen my blog, Allen’s Road to Boston?”

The girl looked at me oddly.  “No, send it to me.  You can find my email on the website.”

We both kind of stood there, confused, looking funny at each other.  How was it that some girl I had never seen nor heard of could have her email address on the Charlotte Running Club’s website, a site I peruse pretty regularly?  It wasn’t until after I walked away that I realized she must have been talking about a different Charlotte Running Club.  Earlier in the week, my boss had mentioned to me that someone was putting up flyers to recruit people to join the Charlotte Running Club.  I assumed the flyers were for this Charlotte Running Club.  I was wrong (not an uncommon occurrence).

After I got back to my desk, I did a quick search of the company’s intranet and found that the girl, Morgan Gramlich, had started a running club at work and called it the Charlotte Running Club.  Aaron, the original Charlotte Running club president,  is currently contacting attorneys to determine what action to take.  I kid, I kid!

I acquiesced and joined my second Charlotte Running Club.

Free Shoes Day

Recently, I was in the University Run For Your Life store when Kara told me that she and some other RFYL folks would be at the NoDa Brewery beer run on Wednesday to promote Mizuno shoes.  She said that if I took out some Mizuno shoes for a test run, I’d be entered to win a free pair.  Beer, running, and a chance to win something valued at over $100?  How could I say no?

Laura and I showed up in NoDa in just the nick of time (I had a crraaazzzy week at work, keeping me there late nearly every night), and we traded out our running shoes for a couple of pairs of Mizunos, bowling alley style (point of clarification: the Mizuno shoes were not bowling alley style shoes – I mean RFYL folks took a pair of Mizunos out of a bin thing and replaced them with our shoes, just the way you’d rent shoes from a bowling alley).  We wrote our names down on some slips of paper and put them in the box for the free shoe drawing to be held after the run.

We ran our 3 miles through NoDa, came back, swapped out the Mizunos for our original shoes, and headed inside for some beer.  We chatted with Wayne, John and Virginia (Halter), Emily H., Joey, and others while we anxiously awaited the drawing.  Minutes later somebody said it was time for the drawing so we headed outside.

Moments later Dexter announced the winner, “Laura Gray!”  Hurray!  At first I was a little upset that this prize would somehow lessen the value of my upcoming  birthday present, a RFYL gift certificate, to Laura.  But then I realized that since this Mizuno run thing was my idea, it was as if I had also given her a new pair of shoes for her birthday.  Everybody won!


20121130 Heist Brewery L and I

The 2 organizers of the new Thursday beer run from Triple C Brewing Company. Yeah, this pic has nothing to do with running, but it was taken this week and this is my blog so I get to put whatever pictures I want on here. Suck it.

Laura and I have been working with the Triple C Brewing Company to start a new beer run on Thursdays.  We unveiled it to the world this week by announcing it on Facebook and inviting our favorite runners and drinkers.  Somehow, this started a little brewhaha (get it?  BREWhaha?)

It turns out there is another beer run on Thursdays and it would appear that some people are fiercely protective/loyal of their particular beer runs.  So several little mini-firestorm discussions took place.  I’m kind of baffled over how a fun little beer run can spark controversy, but apparently it can.

But hey, no biggie.  Here’s info on our beer run at the Triple C.  If you’d like to come out and run/drink with us, awesome.  If you’d rather go to another one, awesome.  If you’d rather not run, or not drink, or not run and drink, awesome.


New running clubs joined, new beer runs started, new people made happy, and new people made upset.  Just another week on my road to Boston.


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