A Letter to the Bomber(s) of the Boston Marathon

Dear Asshole(s),

First of all, please forgive the vitriolic tone of this letter.  But you see, Boston is to distance runners what Jerusalem is to Jews (and Christians and Muslims, for that matter) – it is our holy land.   And the finish line of the Boston marathon is our most sacred spot – it is our altar.  I do not take kindly to people bombing my altar.

So I’m sure you can see why I’m a little upset.  I’m upset for my friend Jay Holder who went to Boston to run the marathon and then celebrate, but instead of a post-race celebration, he had to go to work as a journalist to report on your dastardly act.  I’m upset for the winners Rita Jeptoo and Lelisa Desisa Benti whose incredible achievements will be overshadowed and forgotten by your evil deed.  But most of all, I’m upset, furious really, for the innocent victims that lost their lives, including 8-year-old Martin Richard, due to your insidious act of cowardice.

Just what were you hoping to accomplish?  Were you trying to frighten marathoners everywhere?  Hoping we would cower in fear?  Because let me tell you something, we’re a pretty tough and fearless lot.  I don’t know if you could attack a tougher, less fearful, group.  I know a runner who once stepped in a mound of fire ants and then busted his head open on an overpass and kept right on running, during a training run.  I have experienced or witnessed firsthand runners stung by hornets, attacked by birds of prey, surrounded by packs of pit bulls, hit by cars, blocked by 400-pound beasts obstructing their path, and much, much more, and in every case, the runners continued to run. We’ve run up and down mountains in the middle of the night, through rivers, across deserts, during blizzards and hail storms and 100+ degree heat, etc. etc. etc.  And you expect us to be afraid of the likes of you, some coward that hides behind garbage cans? Bomber, please.

Allow me to summarize: Fuck you.  We will not be deterred.  Next year, some 27,000 of my closest friends and I will triumphantly, fearlessly, run down Boylston Street, hopefully while you are simultaneously being gang-raped and shanked in the federal penitentiary.  I hope you can see the race live on television from your prison cell so you can see me flip you off as I cross the finish line.  Because we will be there and we will run and neither you nor any of your stupid, evil friends will stop us.  We will jog it out.  We will jog it the fuck out.


Allen Strickland


13 Responses to “A Letter to the Bomber(s) of the Boston Marathon”

  1. Hope Says:

    Amen, brother.

  2. Terrence Keith Says:

    Now THAT is a response worthy of the task!

  3. Latigerwomen Says:

    Well said!!!!!

  4. Betty Patrick Says:

    Love it!!!! I think they should find what coward did this and drop them at the finish line and allow all to do what they want with them!!! As horrible as this is I am so proud there are people like you and all the “helpers” we have seen during this difficult time in this world. Proud to be American!!! United we stand 🙂 And we do…. so falling is NOT an option!!!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Simply impeccable. I’m an Ironman. I run for a cause. This adds fire to my desire to NEVER QUIT.

  6. John Gault Says:

    This scumbag doesn’t even know what he has coming. He pissed off the wrong group of people. Once they jail him, they should make him run Boston every year until he dies. Make him suffer. Suffer the humiliation of all those faster than him, the pain of running, and the pain inflicted on him by those kicking and spitting on him as he runs by.

  7. Kim Demary Says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Never stop running!!!

  8. John A Says:

    While your response is noble, it’s a bit off the mark. The bomber didn’t give two shits about runners or the fact that it was the “holy land” to runners. If Boston held a nose picking contest every year that drew that large of a crowd, then today we’d be watching news coverage of the Bombing of the Boston Nose Picking Contest. It was an act of terrorism and the target signified nothing other than a larger target of opportunity.

    Pay your respects to the dead and injured but please don’t sit there and think that this is about running… it’s not.

    • Allen Strickland Says:

      John, while I get what you’re saying and agree that the bombers intent was most likely not about running, the second that bomb went off at the finish line of the Boston marathon, it became about running.

  9. Diana Gomez Says:

    I am a runner and I took it personal. I hope that someday I may qualify and have the privilege to run in the Boston Marathon.

  10. jayholder8k Says:

    Amen! I am just reading this today seconds after finishing my blog post on this topic. Coincidentally, we both referred to the race as our Holy Land….

  11. Mike Says:

    Just read this and applied for a charity spot. Thanks.


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