Rain God For Hire

Greetings from Sunset Beach, North Carolina!  I apologize for a lack of posts of late, but don’t fret – you haven’t missed much.  No races, just training.  And let’s be honest, how much of that do you really want to read about?  I probably want to write about training about as much as you want to read about it – hence the recent MIA.

I’m currently on vacation with Laura, her 2 boys, Laura’s friend Kristy and her 2 girls, along with 2 of their little friends.  That’s 2 ladies, 1 man, and 6 kids in case you lost count.  (Any internet criminals that think you’ve stumbled upon a jackpot and are now planning to break in some vacant homes – there are boobie traps and rabid dogs planted everywhere.  So good luck with that.)

America and I are celebrating birthdays this week – I turned 47 and America turned 237 (if my math is correct which it very well might not be).  Happy Birthday to us!

I’ve run on the beach 3 days in a row now and it’s rained every single time.  There is only one logical explanation for this – I am a rain god.  I’ve been fighting this.  Why?  I have decided that I will embrace this newly realized gift.  If you know of any drought-ridden countries, please have them contact me.  For a small fee (I think one million dollars to end a drought is fair, don’t you?), I will travel anywhere in the world that hasn’t seen rain in a while and run there – rain will surely follow me.  Everybody wins!

Saturday, I ran a workout on the beach,  in the midst of gale force winds.  Here are what my splits looked like:

  • Mile 1 – 7:10 (with the wind)
  • Mile 2 – 8:10 (against the wind)
  • Mile 3 – 8:09 (against the wind)
  • Mile 4 – 7:07 (with the wind)
  • Mile 5 – 7:02 (with the wind – I was pretty miffed about this one as I really wanted to break 7:00)
  • I filed this workout under “CB” – Character Builder.  I have about a half dozen workouts per cycle that earn this label.

That’s about the most interesting thing I have to report on my running lately.  Here are some other running-related tidbits from the running community at large:

  • Fam dropped a casual 4:07 at last Tuesday’s MPHS open track meet.  I was trying to remember if that’s the fastest mile I’ve ever seen in person (I once saw Alan Webb run a sub-4:10 in Charlotte while he was still a high-schooler, but I think he ran a 4:08).  Fam’s mile certainly looked like the easiest sub-4:10 I’ve ever witnessed as he ran it unchallenged – second place was 4:26.
  • Laura’s boys ran in the 4×100 relay team at the same track meet.  They had to cut one kid from the team, ostensibly because he simply wasn’t fast enough (although in his defense, he’s the only person in this picture that didn’t throw the baton):

    The big kid got cut from this squad.

    The big kid got cut from this squad.

  • I received a free pair of Mizuno Sayonaras after winning a contest from rep Mike Moran, AKA Ghost, when I came closest to guessing his latest mileage between oil changes (this is not a running euphemism – I mean I literally guessed how many miles he drove since his car received its last oil change).  I broke them in yesterday and really put them through the ringer, running nearly 9 miles in a monsoon.  They felt great.
  • Rock Hill native Matt Elliot came in 4th in the 1500 at the USATF championships.  In Fam and Matt, the Charlotte area now has a couple of seriously legit runners!
  • I finally pulled the trigger and booked flights and a hotel for the Santa Rosa marathon.  This thing is happening.  I’m ascared as my training has been rather lackluster.  I’m afraid I was never meant to be a marathoner. Oh well, not much I can do about it now except train, train, train.  And hope.

That’s it.  I may jump into a race down here this week just so I can give you guys some more interesting reading material between now and Santa Rosa.  I’ll let you know.

One Response to “Rain God For Hire”

  1. Kati Says:

    Happy Birthday, old man! Hope the beach is treating everyone nicely!

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