Free Beer, Funyuns, and Guest Bloggers

Hey gang.  Once again, my apologies for being MIA (I think this is the longest I’ve gone between posts since the inception of this blog), but in my defense, I am crazy busy these days.  Luckily for all three of my fans, I’m on vacation and have found a minute between beers to knock out a blog post.  Let me fill you in on what’s been happening.

I continue to train for the Santa Rosa marathon which is now less than two weeks away.  Yikes!  And I’m fighting to stave off injuries.  Both Achilles hurt, the groin hurts, even my ass hurts. Yes, I literally have a pain in my ass – I guess somebody needs to keep all those metaphorical ones company.  So I run hard one day and I take off the next, applying ice to all the sore spots and popping ibuprofen like they were Skittles.  Come on old decrepit body, hang on for two more weeks!  Okay, four – I’d like to do well at Blue Ridge too, please.

Here are a couple of running anecdotes since I last blogged:

  • I was running a nice little workout at McAlpine one day, a little progression run that had me finishing up around goal marathon pace.  I was cruising in the high 7:30s and feeling kind of cocky when Matt Jaskot came by running 6-something pace.  He waved, grinned, and called out “Hi-ho!” and I kind of grunted “Hey”.  Every time I feel fast somebody like Matt blows by and reminds me, “Um, no, not really”.
  • The other day, I ran past a couple of kids sharing a joint on the greenway.  I ran through the cloud on the intake so I sucked up a full breath of pot smoke.  I wondered if I could get a contact high during a hard run.  The jury is still out, but I did crave Funyuns for the rest of the day.
  • Folks from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah marathon contacted Laura and me and told us that they would like to promote their upcoming races by sponsoring our Triple C Beer Runners group run.  They told us they wanted to buy all the beer for our runners and then asked us how many people typically show up.  “Well”, I said, “typically we average maybe 30 runners.  But it varies wildly.  And if we start advertising free beer, god knows how many people might show up.”  So the Savannah ladies backed off a little from “buy all the beer” to “2 beers per runner.”  Later, when they showed us a mock-up flyer, it read “1 free beer per runner.”  So by August 8, the day of the event, I was afraid that the “free beer for runners” might consist of letting you lick a spoon that’d been dipped in beer. But the day arrived and a couple hundred folks showed up.  Brian Mister, the founder of the wildly popular NoDa run walked by and I grabbed him and said, “Dude, this looks like one of your runs!”  We ran our usual run and afterward Savannah picked up the tab for all the runners’ (multiple!) beers.  We had a blast.  Here is photographic evidence:
See, I'm not making this up - 200+ people in attendance!

See, I’m not making this up – 200+ people in attendance!

  • Yesterday, Laura and I ran what was supposed to be our long run here at Ocean Isle.  It was brutal, like Boston 2012 brutal.  I bailed before we’d completed 10 miles.  I sincerely hope the run was an aberration based on a cloudless day with 90+ degree heat and crazy high humidity, and not some harbinger of things to come at Santa Rosa.  I will DNF before I will live through another day like Patriots’ Day 2012.

And that’s pretty much all that’s been going on with me, running wise.  So now I present today’s guest blogger.  This man needs no introduction, but I’ll give him one anyway.  You may know him as the Charlotte area’s top finisher in the 2011 Boston marathon, where he finished in 2:41:14, but I know him as my friend, coach, and now Blue Ridge Relay teammate.  Ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, I present to you Nathan Stanford.  Let’s all give him a big hand and try to convince him to start his own running blog.  If he does, I can guarantee it will quickly skyrocket to the top of your favorites list.  Nathan, take it away.  Author’s note – the following excerpts are taken from a series of emails between Nathan and myself, printed here with his permission:

In other news related to the blog that I need to start writing, I was chased by two turkeys at the end of my long run yesterday morning.  And no, this isn’t the start of a joke.  I was seriously afraid for my life. Horses and an electric fence on one side of the country road, turkeys bearing down on the other side, and me sprinting like a mad man, hoping that those suckers didn’t know how to fly.  Genuine fear…as in more fear than I had when the pit bull confronted me.  Because who knows what a turkey will do to a person?  Maybe they were thinking, “This is for the last 34 Thanksgiving dinners…” I escaped unscathed, and I dropped a final two post-adrenaline surge 6:51 and 6:53 miles to round out the run.  I’m just wondering if there is some plot among the Huntersville animal community.

An artist's rendering of Nathan's turkey encounter.

An artist’s rendering of Nathan’s turkey encounter.

Thanks, Nathan.  The really funny thing about this is that Nathan is not my first friend from Huntersville to be chased by turkeys – that honor goes to Bill.  So to all my friends in Huntersville, keep an eye out for the turkeys – they are not friendly.  I will see you all in Boston where the turkeys are allegedly much kinder to runners.


2 Responses to “Free Beer, Funyuns, and Guest Bloggers”

  1. Kati Says:

    That’s awesome about the Triple C run. Hate we had to miss it (as opposed to all the other runs we miss, where I am just kind of ‘meh’ about missing it). Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. Paul Cummings Says:

    Great blog Allen I’m glad one of us is carrying the torch of those halcyon days of UNC track. Keep up the good work.

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