Last Chance for 2014?

After some 10 years of training, 10 marathons, and countless obstacles, it looks like it all comes down to a popularity contest.  I’m afraid this, PowerBar’s Stronger Together contest, just might be my last chance to get into the 2014 Boston marathon.

Most of you reading this already know the back story. For those of you that don’t, here’s a refresher. I busted my ass for years to get into the Boston marathon, finally qualified for the 2012 race, got in, only to nearly die from heat stroke (read the whole sordid race story here). Now I desperately want a shot at redemption. Oh, and I want to run this year’s race as a kind of shooting the bird at terrorists.

I feel like I deserve to be in the race. I ran qualifying times not once, but twice, this year, once at Myrtle Beach, and then again at Santa Rosa. So it’s not like I’m some schmuck that’s never run before and just woke up this morning and decided to run the Boston marathon.  I’ve paid a couple of dues here.

Now I need your help.  Here’s how.

Go to the PowerBar contest here.  First, you’ll have to register – if it makes you pick a race – it shouldn’t since this was a glitch that should have been resolved by now, but just in case – make a race up or just pick “other”.  My personal favorite comes from Michael Vance who finished the “Your Registration Process is Crap, All I Want To Do Is Vote For A Friend Race Festival” marathon in an hour.  Yeah, if it makes you enter a race, use that one. UPDATE: PowerBar finally fixed their contest page so now all you should have to do is “Like” the PowerBar Stronger Together page and you’re ready to vote!

On the PowerBar Stronger Together Facebook page, hit the View Gallery button, then type “Allen Strickland” into the name field (no need for city and state as I’m the only Allen Strickland in the contest) and then hit the Search button.  You should see three entries titled Persistence, Redemption, and Overcome, like this:

allen power bar contest

Click the ‘VIEW’ link, and then once inside my entry(ies), click on the ‘Vote’

Don’t be confused by the movie-star-super-male-model-good-looking guy in the pics – that’s actually me after Laura photoshopped the photos.  Now click on the “view” button in one of the entries.  Once in the entry, click on the “vote” button.  Hit your browser back button and repeat for the other two entries.  You can vote 5 times a day, but only once per entry (so you can vote for separate entries one time each).

Then return every day til November 10 and repeat (you’ll only have to register the first time).  Oh, and send a link to this page to your friends and family and ask them to vote.  And ask them to send to their friends and family.  Let’s get a huge social media movement kind of thing going.

I must run Boston this year.  Must.  I booked a flight and a room a long time ago.  Don’t make me bandit this thing (and probably end up getting beaten and arrested – yeah, it’ll make a good blog entry, but come on!)

Oh, did I say “Please”?  I meant to.

Thanks, gang.  See you in Boston.

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