The 2014 Streak Ends

The last few days, I’ve been reading online where various people have made New Year’s resolutions to start, or continue, running streaks. Some people vowed to run every day in 2014. Others resolved to keep years, even decades, long streaks alive, like this guy who is planning on running his 10,000th day in a row. My streak ended at exactly two. That’s correct – I ran the first two days of 2014 before missing a day.

Now I’m sick and have been coughing my lungs out for the last two days. Fun stuff. Thank god for the NFL playoffs – yesterday, I parked it in front of the TV and watched the games between hacks and sneezes. Today, I plan to do the same.

I’ve never made it through an entire marathon training cycle without getting sick or hurt. All I can ever do is hope that the illness/injury is minor enough, and/or early enough in the training cycle, so as not to derail my efforts. Luckily, this particular illness showed up early in the plan and during a down week. So hopefully little harm will be done.

This situation isn’t all bad. At least I get a good excuse to watch football and Netflix (I caught the 2011 Conan the Barbarian remake – much better than the 1982 Schwarzenegger version, even if the 21st century one did steal the plot from the Lord of the Rings. And how about that Indy/Kansas City game yesterday?!? Crazy good!) Moments ago, I stepped outside and was greeted by downright frigid air and pouring rain. I’m not exactly heartbroken about missing a run right now.

In the meantime, between games and Netflix movies, let me get you caught up on the latest happenings:

  • Mike Moran, aka Ghost, won the Mt. Michelin challenge and was dubbed King of the Hill. Wen Norvell won the women’s challenge which makes her Queen of the Hill. Eric Bilbrey of the Charlotte Running Club told me this challenge inspired him so he will be planning a series of Strava challenges throughout the year. Look for these – fun stuff!
  • My Boston marathon fundraising continues for the Dick Beardsley foundation. So far I’ve – actually “we’ve” as Laura is helping out tremendously – raised 23% of my goal. We have two ‘big’ fund raising events in the works – 1) My friend Todd is helping me to set up a 5K with the proceeds going to the Dick Beardsley Foundation. Right now, we’re calling it ‘The Road to Boston 5K’ and it’s tentatively set to be held on March 1 at Frank Liske Park in Concord. Mark your calendars and come run or volunteer! 2) We’re working with our buddies at Triple C to have a fundraising night there. Stay tuned for date and other specifics. To donate, and/or learn about the charity, go here. And if you really need motivation, watch this video (and read this book) it still gets me emotional to this day!

    Me and Dick Beardsley when I met him at the Thunder Road expo a couple of years ago.

    Me and Dick Beardsley when I met him at the Thunder Road expo a couple of years ago.

Dick giving me his autograph. Check out the PR - it's just slightly better than mine.

Dick giving me his autograph. Check out the PR – it’s just slightly better than mine.

And that’s what’s going on. Let me watch a few more games/movies and then I’ll start running again, as soon as my lungs are ready to cooperate. See you out there soon.


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