Just Another Week On the Road to Boston

I’ve been MIA for a while now – my apologies. The only ‘blogger’ I know that has blogged less than me lately is this guy. So for the one or two of you out there that care – here’s what’s been happening:

JITFO vs Stache & Dash 2014

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year already, but the time has come to put together the 2014 JITFO Blue Ridge team. I’ve been frantically working to assemble a top-secret team of superstar runners while I can only assume my arch-rival, Coach Rob Ducsay of the Evil Empire squad Stache & Dash, is doing the same. I’m guessing he won’t have any hill-walkers this year. (Aside: Here’s a little tip to this year’s Stache and Dashers. If you don’t want me to write in my blog about how you walked up hills during the Blue Ridge Relay, maybe you shouldn’t walk up hills during the Blue Ridge Relay. I’m just saying.)

This year’s JITFO squad will be filled with super fast, kind, sweet, caring human beings, while the Stache & Dash roster will undoubtedly be filled with cruel, heartless, kitten-eating Nazi’s. Again.

Claire has defected, clearly a Patty-Hearst-like victim (Symbionese Liberation Army reference – boom!) of some horrific brain-washing apparatus employed by Stache & Dash minions. May god have mercy on her soul. Oh the talking of smack she will receive from JITFO. It will be merciless.


Stache & Dash coach convincing Claire to defect from JITFO.

Speaking of smack talk – here are a few examples of some Facebook exchanges between our two teams. Remember, this is in June and the race is not until September. It only gets worse from here:

Rob I’m gonna use this to open the beer you’ll be buying me on September 6:
Photo: Rob  I'm gonna use this to open the beer you'll be buying me on September 6.

And this:

Wow. Holland is rolling the defending champs. Much like how JITFO is going to roll Stache and Dash.

Wen Norvell Wow, you’ve been laying dormant all week. About time!!!

Wen Norvell  Btw, Reebok jogging shoes are on sale at Sears

Allen Strickland Thanks, Wen! Found this for your team captain: http://www.ebay.com/…/Rascal-Scooter…/121362999500…

Dave Munger Here’s something jitfo might want to study for this year… http://www.rakuten.com/…/north-carolina…/30616365.html

(Note – there was a pic of a North Carolina atlas here, a reference to how we had a runner get lost last year. How they managed to ‘win’ – not because they were faster than us, but because we had a runner get lost.)

Rob Ducsay Allen, I saw you and Laura doing some hill repeats the other day……She looked pretty strong, but you.……Rob Ducsay's photo.

Brian Trotter  Stache and Dash will run the relay backwards this year. They want to see what second place looks like.

Allen Strickland Brian – you won’t need to run backwards. I’m gonna play genie  and grant you this one wish.

And so and so and so forth. Stay tuned. This year’s talking of smack is going to be epic.

2015 Boston Qualifying:

A few days ago, both Laura and I registered for the Santa Rosa marathon. Laura didn’t get to run there last year as she had the stress fracture in her hip. I ran and didn’t qualify by enough to get into Boston. We’ll both be seeking a little redemption while we shoot to qualify for the 2015 Boston marathon.


Just a couple of the things that happened during training this week:

  • While running at Triple C Thursday, Laura and I were about to cross an intersection when a Jeep came blazing by, literally. It was on fire. I kid you not, the undercarriage was engulfed in flames. We stood and watched as a car behind chased the car in flames, the driver behind honking his horn while simultaneously dialing on his cellphone. I assume/hope he was calling 911. I never found out the rest of the story but for the next 100 meters or so I feared we would hear a loud bang.
  • During our long run at McAlpine yesterday, we ran under the Independence bridge when I heard a loud cracking sound ahead. I looked up and yelled, “Holy shit!”, as a 30-foot tree came tumbling down. Laura looked up and screamed bloody murder, like the kind of scream you would expect to hear had I been directly under the tree (which obviously I wasn’t – how would you be reading this had I been?) The tree came crashing down and I turned to Laura and asked why she had let out a blood-curdling scream, you know, as opposed to just “a big tree is falling ahead” scream. “I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought a car had fallen from the bridge.”

Isn’t life bizarre sometimes?

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more smack-talking, cars-on-fire, and tree-crashing adventures.


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  1. Laura Says:

    I did not scream! I just had a little gasp.

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