The Next Few Races Along Allen’s Road to Boston

As we near the end of summer, 2 races loom large – the Santa Rosa Marathon and the Blue Ridge Relay. Much (virtually all) of my energy lately is focused on getting ready for these milestone racing events. I’ve raced so much less this year as I’ve concentrated nearly all my efforts on long-distance racing, arguably my worst area of racing – the longer the distance, typically the worse I get. But I’ve got one shot to qualify for the 2015 Boston marathon, and one shot at Blue Ridge redemption and I’m afraid that running a bunch of 5Ks will undermine my training.

So I keep attempting to up the mileage. And on those rare occasions when I’m not running, I’m scrambling to piece together our Jitfo Blue Ridge Relay team. Spoiler Alert – I was unable to to sign Shalane Flanagan and/or Meb Keflezighi. Maybe next year.

I’ve had some scares with injuries, but have luckily skirted by without significant impact on my training. Some of my Blue Ridge teammates have not been as lucky. So the team and I are still trying to find a fast girl. If you’re reading this and happen to fit the bill and want to run the Blue Ridge Relay, let me know. I’d like you to be faster than me so 3:20ish marathon, 1:30ish half – that’s the bar. Desiree? Kara? Call me.

The Santa Rosa Marathon is exactly 2 weeks from tomorrow. Yikes! I feel fitter than I did last year when I ran a 3:24:30 so hopefully I can best that time and gain entry to the 2015 Boston Marathon. We’ll know soon enough.

Then exactly 2 weeks after that, the epic rivalry with Stache and Dash resumes. I hope I have something left after Santa Rosa. If not, I’m sure my fast teammates will pick up my slack.

Here, the Stache and Dash coach leads his team on a training run.

Here, the Stache and Dash captain leads his team on a training run.


Here, JITFO coach and team before their training run.

Here, JITFO captain and team before a training run of their own.

But then what? What to do during the no man’s land between the Blue Ridge Relay and the 2015 Boston Marathon?

Why not jump into some races for good causes? Like this one, the Isabella Santos Foundation 5K, that my friend Tom, he of literally the gutsiest performance of all time in a marathon (the 2010 Shamrock Marathon), is  helping out with. How can you say no to helping kids fight cancer? This is a no brainer – join Laura and me and we can all race against cancer. You can meet us at Triple C on Thursday, September 4 at 6:30 PM for a superhero run – run in your favorite super hero costume (Team JITFO – this means come as yourself) and you might win a free entry! Added bonus that night – JITFO and Stache and Dash will unveil their heretofore super secret Blue Ridge rosters. We know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles to find out who’s on what team.

That’s it for now. I’ll look for you on the road, track, or trail on our way to Boston.



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