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Welcome to Serial Podcast, The Blog. You came here to find out more about SerialPodcast, right? You’re addicted and the weekly podcast is leaving you craving more? So you googled Serial and stumbled upon this blog and you’re excited to find out everything that Sarah Koenig has left out of her gripping show?

Suckers! Wow, are you gullible! You probably believe Adnan’s innocent, too. Spoiler alert: He did it. Did the prosecution have a shoddy case against him? Yes. Was their sufficient (any?) evidence to convict him? No. Was the prosecution’s case built entirely upon the testimony of a lying drug dealer? Yes. Does any of this mean Adnan is innocent? No.

What does this guy have to do with this blog? Well, Rabia did describe him as "a track star", which is probably about as true as saying "He never killed anybody".

What does this guy have to do with this blog? Well, Rabia did describe him as “a track star,” which is probably about as true as saying “He never killed anybody.”

Real quick, here’s my admittedly circumstantial case against Adnan, and then I’ll get back to your regularly scheduled blog (for you suckers looking for Serial stuff, you’ve entered a running blog about my quest to run the Boston Marathon. The horror):

  • He was an EMT. Sociopathic killers are always EMTs. Google “EMT serial killer” and see how many hits you get. Click on some of the links and read. See Swango. See Revak. See Krajcir. Yeah, that.
  • He never called Hae again after the day she disappeared. Think about this for a minute. He NEVER dialed her phone number ever again. All her friends, the ones that didn’t kill her, dialed and dialed and dialed after she went missing. Why didn’t he? Because he knew she was dead and wouldn’t answer, dummy.
  • I’m old enough to have encountered a few sociopaths in my day. They sound just like Adnan in his interviews with Sarah – always dodging direct questions, adept at sidestepping, never really answering, always pointing elsewhere. Adnan is never remorseful that his allegedly close friend was murdered. He never demands justice. He never insists that the real killer be found before he kills again. And why would he? The real killer was found.
  • He told  Jay he was “pathetic” in the courtroom. This action screams, “We had a deal when we worked together to [kill | bury] Hae that neither of us would narc the other out. You reneged on our deal.”

That’s pretty much it. No, I don’t have any evidence. Neither did the prosecution.

Okay, thanks for playing. Now for those of you that are actually here to read about running, let’s get to it. A few quick items and we’ll call it a day:

  • I keep trying to ramp up the mileage to build a strong base before I start the Boston Marathon training cycle. But every time I get around a 50-mile week, my decrepit old body starts breaking down. So I’m kind of stuck between 40-50 miles per week at the moment.
  • During our last long run, Laura and I saw a squirrel eating a banana – that was pretty weird. And kinda cool in a bizarre way. I guess squirrels need potassium, too.
  • I’m cheap and therefore looking for a couple of free entries for Laura and me to get into the Thunder Road half – if anybody could help us out, I’d be ever so grateful.

That’s about it. The next blog will probably be a Thunder Road half recap. I know you’re all dying to read it.


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One Response to “Serial Podcast: The Blog”

  1. Billy Says:

    Thanks so much for this! I am a Brit who blundered into the Serial podcasts today and then read the blogs and thought everyone had gone quite mad over the pond. You are the (funny) voice of sanity. Of course he did it. Good luck with the running.

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